Inge-Lise Weber

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When you book an appointment with Inge-Lise you have given yourself one of the greatest gifts you will know.  The work Inge-Lise does is her souls calling.  When asked about her work, Inge states " This is not work, it is my soul's calling.  God works through me and what I do never feels like work."  Clients have stated their experience working with Inge-Lise is like no other they have had.  Now she's available to you....

​Inge-Lise has some impressive experience; she received her massage training in Denmark, where she was born. She then lived in Spain for 5-years, where she managed her own business with a client-list that covered the globe. Wrapping that up, she moved to Austin, TX where she has had several businesses including Europa Total Body and Skin Care, and the Austin Healing Center.

She was Lady Bird Johnson and her family’s massage therapist for 20-years… no wonder the woman was so poised. Lady Bird isn’t the only famous celebrity she’s dealt with throughout her career. She has also had a hand on many other famous people such as Rosalynn Carter, Betty Ford, Governor Price Daniel, Henry Kissinger, Liz Carpenter, Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, and Walter Cronkite. Who wouldn’t want to be on that list of names?
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Appointments: (512)-466-1283